Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ommegang to release 6 new beers this year!

Well this is wonderful. A new beer every few months. I cant wait to check them out, the highlights for me are the Belgian Pale ale and the old bruin. Not many Us breweries have tackled the old bruin, but I have faith that Ommegang will do the style justice.

from draftmag

"Jan-Feb 2010: Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence Stout. Very slightly revised for the 2010 edition. In release.

Mar-Apr: Ommegang BPA (Belgian-style Pale Ale). 5.8% abv. Five malts, two hops, and dry-hopped. Citrus & tropical fruit aromatics.

May-Jun: Ommegang Tripel (name not yet confirmed). Around 9%, spiced, we're in the test brew stages now.

Jul-Aug: Ommegang Sour Ale. Around 6% ABV. Oud Bruin style beer made in collaboration with Liefmans of Belgium. Name TBD.

Sep-Oct: Ommegang Scotch Ale. A new Belgo-Scotch mash up. ABV, name, and even recipe still to be confirmed.

Nov-Dec: Ommegang Adoration. Still 10% ABV, still malty, still big, and spicy. But may be tweaked a bit."

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