Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Stone soup party

Another year has passed. On Saturday January 30th, lots of brave souls left their warm houses to migrate to the General Lafayette Inn in Lafayette Hills,PA. It is a chance for all lovers of beer to meet and share some of their favorite beers. Ev, the organizer of event just wants everyone to have a good time. I arrived at the general with a few friends and could not have been happier. The rules are simple, bring a glass and whichever beer you would like to share put on one of the tables. After the bottles are empty they are placed on the mantle, by the end of the day over 100 bottles accumulated above the fireplace. There was beer from all over the states and the world. The beer was composed of super rare beers from years ago
, beers not distributed anywhere near suburban Philadelphia, and there were amazing home brewed beers. Some of the breweries that were present were: Bells, New Glarus, Dogfish Head, Yards, Deschutes, Three Floyds, Cantillon, Alesmith, Hair of the Dog, Captain Lawrence, Mikkeller, and many others that I am forgetting. The highlights for me were defiantly the 2004 Cantillon Iris, Captain Lawrence cuvee de castleton, Jolly Pumpkin Beer de Mars, 2006 Dogfish head World wide stout and a New Glarus Berliner Weiss from the unplugged series.

I was happy to see so many of my friends and I just waned to Thank Ev, Chris Leonard, and the rest of the General Lafayette Inn crew.

here are a few of my favorite beers I was lucky enough to try:

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