Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lots of Wonderful Beer related events coming this Spring at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia

Philadelphia's premier live music venue is also one of Philadelphia's premier beer destinations. Every February, World Cafe organizes and hosts the "Beats, Brews, and BBQ" festival. An event which sells out shortly after tickets goes on sale and

features some amazing beer from the US and other parts of the world.

While World Cafe is planning to throw Philly Beer Week events , April is also going to be very special and have several days and nights focused around beer. In collaboration with Dibrunno cheeses, every weekend will feature food and beer pairings. Each week will feature different beer and cheeses, carefully picked to compliment each other.

Here are the dates for the Food and beer pairings:
Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 | Tasting begins at 5:00pm | Upstairs Live
Sunday, April 11th, 2010 | Tasting begins at 5:00pm | Upstairs Live
Saturday, April 17th, 2010 - SOLD OUT
Sunday, April 25th, 2010 | Tasting begins at 5:00pm | Upstairs Live (on sale soon...)

If you wish to go, it is best to purchase tickets soon. The event on April 17th is already sold out.

tickets and more info can be purchased here :

On April 6th, World Cafe is having another music themed music event. Local Philadelphia band, Agent Moosehead will play music from original Nintendo music as World Cafe screens the classic film "The Wizard". Prizes include A K2 snowboard, A Sam Adams 25th anniversary mini fridge , plug and play games and many more. Tetris, Mike Tyson's Punch Out, Duck Hunt, Contra, Excitebike, and Super Mario Brothers 3, with the grand prize going to the winner of the Super Mario Brothers 3 Challenge.

Tickets are are only $5 and World Cafe will be slaking its participants from their always stellar beer selection.

Movie begins at 7:00pm
Gaming competition at 9:00pm
Live Nintendo Music Concert at 10:00pm

Tickets and more info can be found here

Last but not least, on Sunday April 18th World Cafe is hosting its fantastic Belgian equivalent of their "Beats , Brews, and BBQ festival. World Cafe Manager Ryan Starr informs us that, " Our 3rd Annual Belgian Bierfeesten. A Belgian only beer festival (not even American craft Belgian styles are allowed) featuring the newest and most sought after products coming from over seas. In addition our festivals always include live entertainment, give-a-ways, and a price inclusive buffet prepared by our Executive Chef Mike Breslin complete with Belgian food favorites made with Belgian beers. Partners this year will include Wetten Imports, Merchan Devin, Global Beer, and 12% imports to name a few."

This years "Bierfeesten", promises not to disappoint. Some of the breweries being poured include Van Steenberge, Brasserie De Brunehaut, Brasserie Val de Sambre, Brewery Gaverhopke, Brasserie De Cazeau Brewery Het Alternatief Brewery Contreras, Brasserie Bottresse, Shelton, Mikeller, De Ranke, Brasserie des Geants, Beersel, Blaugies, De Graal , De La Senne, De Proef, Duyster, Ecaussinnes, Ellezelloise, Houfbrouwerijke, Kerkom, Serafijn , Slaapmutske, Achel- Trappist, Cantillon, Drie Fontinen, De Ranke, Fantome, Orval - Trappist, Chimay - Trappist, Rochefort - Trappist , Westmalle - Trappist

Tickets will sell out so grab them while you can.

More info and tickets for The "3rd Annual Belgian Bierfeesten" can be found here.

World Cafe is located at 3025 Walnut Street In Philadelphia, Pa. World Cafe is always open for lunch , and serves fantastic food and beer during all of their concerts. World Cafe's constantly updated web page can be viewed here

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flying Dog's "Raging Bitch", a Belgian style IPA

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their brewpub. Formerly of Aspen, Co, now residing in Fredrick, MD has released a wonderful Belgian style IPa. I have had several IPA's from Belgiam, and several domestic versions of the style Raging Bitch is a fantastic version of the style. Raging Bitch is hands down better than all the domestic versions I have tried, and even runs circles around the IPA's that I have had from Belgium as well. I was shocked when I learned Raging Bitch's ABV was 8.3%, it is masked very well and drinks like a 5.5 % beer. The price of the beer is also extremely reasonable, especially considering the high gravity of the beer.

Artist Raph Steadman does all of the artwork for flying Dog's labels. Steadman , who was a long time friend of Hunter S. Thompson is very serious about his artwork and his beer. The phrase, "Good Beer, No Shit" which Steadman went to court for 4 years with the Colorado Liquor Control Board to get onto A Flying Dog label.

Edward "Eddie" Edwards, who runs the New Hampshire State Liquor control board has banned Raging Bitch. He does not care for the name. Not only will Flying Dog lose the revenue loss from the beer not being distributed in New Hampshire, but more importantly people in New Hampshire will have a harder time trying this wonderful beer.

Specs (From Flying Dog's official web page) :

ABV: 8.3%
IBU's: 60
Plato: 18
Specialty Malts: 60L Crystal
Hops: Warrior, Columbus, Amarillo
Process: El Diablo yeast used to give Raging Bitch a trademark Belgian-style taste, dry hopped with Amarillos

Drink up. The wonderful people at Flying Dog have really produced a unique and special beer. It is currently on draft and in 12 oz bottles. Flying Dog continues to make a fantastic product, with some of the fairest prices on the craft beer market.

read here if you with to learn more about Raging Bitch being banned in New hampshire

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clever Jab To Buweiser Care Of "The Onion"

America's premier fake newspaper, The Onion published a short, but amusing story about a man drinking several Budweisers. The Patron analyzes the Budweiser label and reads it aloud. The tale pokes fun at giant brewery's marketing, flagship product and their bragging of using rice in their beer. Check out the rest of the article, The Onion is way funnier than I am.

Check out the article, here

Monday, March 15, 2010

Half Lambic , Half kombucha

Yes its true boys and girls, Lambrucha a a beer that is a blend of Lambic and Kombucha( a fermented tea beverage) now exists. Like lots of popular beers kombucha is often made with Brettanomyces (often refered to as Brett). The recent popularity of "sour" beers, fans of the quasi orphan style should be ready to embrace Lambrucha with open arms. Like guezes, lambics, brett. beers and all other "sour beers", kombucha is very tart.

Lambrucha is the brainchild of Beer Gods, Don Feinberg and Wendy Littlefield of Vanberg and Dewulf. Feingold and Littlefield were the first importers of Duvel, first slaking the US in 1982. After trying kombucha in 2008, Feinberg enlisted the help of some professionals to help create Lambrucha. Feinberg worked with a Belgian Lambic brewer, an engineer, and brewer of kombucha(also organic), the result being the groundbreaking Lambrucha. The beer is currently available in 750 ml bottles. Lambrucha pours a "fiercely bubbly, bone-dry, rose-color liquid that greets the palate with a burst of lemon, then softens into flowery, herbaceous notes as it goes down." (from Tasting Table Chicago). Fans of session beers will be very excited to hear that Lambrucha weighs in at 3.5% abv, perfect for your lunch break. Breweries are always pushing the limits, and blurring the lines of what is "beer" but Feingold and his crew have created something worthy of massive accolades.

Lambrucha was brewed last summer, and is currently available in Chicago with a nationwide release starting in may.

Click here to read more about kombucha, which is largely believed to be a very healthy drink.

From Tasting Table Chicago

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Philly Beer Weekend this weekend (March 12th through 14th)

Its march, baseball is coming, the birds are chirping and you pray that you can find both of you're favorite sandals. Over the last few years this has also been the time of year for Philly Beer Week , an imperial week containing hundreds of beer related events, diners, gatherings, contests, speaking engagements and whatever else the organizers and breweries can cook up. Philadelphia Beer Week is not defunct, it has just been moved to June 4th through 13th.

The Organizers of the event have planned a fun filled Weekend to help fill that March Beer geekery void that many are currently facing. There are currently over 2 dozen events planned for this weekend. Some of the highlights include a lunch with Stone Brewing at Jose Pistola's on Friday March 12th at 11:30 am, A Dogfish Head night at The Belgian Cafe on March 12th at 7pm, a Scandinavian beer tasting at the Belgian Cafe Saturday the 14th at 4pm , a Founders Brewery Night at South Philly Tap room, and a series of "IPA's Greatest Hits " at sidecar starting Friday at 3pm.

Full a full listings of this weekends events check out Philly Beer Week's official web page, here.

I hope to see everyone out this weekend, let me know which events you can make it to.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Insanity

As many of you have heard, The Pennsylvania liquor Control Board raided three bars in Philadelphia last week. The Memphis Taproom, Local 44 and The Resurrection Ale House were visited by PLCB employees and armed State Troopers. The restaurants are all owned by the hard working husband and wife duo of Leigh Maida and Brendan Hartranft. What prompted the PLCB to pay them a visit? The PLCB were tipped of that Maida and Hartranft were selling beer not registered by the PLCB. All three bars promoted and sold kegs of Russian River's highly coveted Imperial IPA ,"Pliny the Younger". recently voted "Pliny the Younger" to be "The Number One Beer In The World", overturning Westvleteren 12. The few bars in the Philadelphia area which received this beer carefully distributed the beer to lucky patrons who went out of their way even they were just able to purchase and drink one glass.
It is largely believed that a local bar owner who was not allotted any "Pliny the Younger" for purchase checked the PLCB's list of registered beer and realized that "Pliny The Younger" was not registered for Sale in Pennsylvania. This informant then contacted the PLCB. Here is the list that is in question .

In addition to "Piny The Younger" not being registered, lots of other beers were confiscated from Maida and Hartranft. Some of the beers confiscated were Duvel and Monks Cafe Sour Flemish Ale. Duvel was confiscated on the ground that the Duvel's label has a different name than the name listed on the PLCB's list of registered beers. On the PLCB list, "Duvel" is registered as "Duvel Beer" but "Duvel Belgian Golden Ale" is written on the label. It is also worth noting that lots beer stores and bars in the state sell "Duvel", and were not intruded by armed state police. For the time being, shipments of "Duvel" are currently not being sent to Philadelphia.

All of the beer that Maida and Hartranft purchased for their bar were legally purchased from a wholesaler. Maida further elaborates, "Personally, two of my many concerns during all of this has been that our employees and guests might now feel like we’re up to something shady (we’re not, swearsies) and, well, perhaps obviously, that there’s someone out there with enough of a grudge against us that things took this course. My goal is to make this whole experience as un-drama-filled as possible. Our bottle lists haven’t been depleted all that severely, though there are a few favorites that we’ll just consider 86′d for a little while." The PLCB left all three restaraunts with over $7,000 worth of beer that they confiscated from Maida and Hartranft.

Russian River Brewery owner Vinnie Cilurzo stated to the Daily News in regards to the unregistered beer sent to Philadelphia from his brewery, "It was a simple mistake on our part that we forgot to register some brands with the state of PA. We are a small mom and pop brewery and every once in a while something slips through the cracks."

In addition to Maida and Hartranft's restaurants being raided for possessing unregistered beer, the PLCB also paid a visit to the local wholesaler of Russian River, Origlio beverage. The PLCB only confiscated Russian River Suplication from Origlio on account that they supposedly would have needed a whole tractor trailer to confiscate the rest of what was not registered with the PLCB.

Maida and Hartranft and Origlio Beverage are only guilty of trying to provide consumers with a highly sought after and quality product.

Show your support to Maida Hartranft by stopping by one of their 3 fabulous restraunts for some wonderful food, people, and beer that hasn't been confiscated by armed men.

Are you outraged with what the PLCB is doing?

There are several steps you can take to change PA beer laws for the better:

you can email the PLCB at

Contact State Representative Robert Donatucci

Also, contact your'e favorite breweries via their web pages to make sure all the beer you love to drink is registered with the PLCB.

and of course feel free to email me at with any ideas or suggestions you have to help us all enjoy our favorite beverage, beer.

Check Out Lew Brison's blog to read further, and join his Facebook group "Abolish the PLCB"

compiled from Joe Sixpack's blog ,Jack Curtin's Blog : Liquid Diet ,The Philadelphia Daily News and Local 44's web page.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Southampton to release "Biere De Mars" in 12 oz. bottles

The award winning Long Island Brewery Southampton has decided to bottle their popular spring seasonal "Beire De Mars" in smaller bottles. The beer had previously been available in 750 ml bottles and on draft. Until this year, Southampton has released the beer in very small amounts. This year's release of "Beire De Mars" will be in a larger amount in addition to the different packaging.

Beire De Mars is also a style of beer, the French Translation being "March Beer". The style of brewing a "Beire De Mars" originated in Northern France during winter when the cellars were at the coolest to give the beer a more refreshing taste. Biere De Mars's were designed be quench thirsting in the summer months much like a Saison.

Southampton Brewmaster Phil Markowski elaborates, "Our version is brewed with a blend of wheat and barley malts and a generous amount of continental hops. It is cool fermented and aged to give it a clean, smooth, lager-like character,”

Southampton "Biere De Mars" weighs in at 6.5 % abv, 22 ibu's and contains Saaz, Magnum and Goldings hops. Two types of Yeast are used in the making of this beer, I was unable to determine which kind were used but it is very plausible that one of them is Brettanonmyces. Brettanomyces or "brett" is a wild yeast strand which has become very popular in the last few years. Several breweries have made beer in this style using brett.

Southampton's Beire De Mars should be available very shortly wherever Southampton beers are sold. The beer will be available on draft, 6 packs and a spring seasonal 12 packs.

from BeerConnisseuronline

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lagunitas to Release "Wilco Tango Foxtrot"(WTF)

In the next few weeks Lagunitas, the eccentric brewery from Petaluma, California will release a new beer. "Wilco Tango Foxtrot", an imperial brown ale is described on Lagunitas's webpage as "A big Ol' Imperial Brown Ale to help you with your slipperly slide on into springtime. Rich, smooth, dangerous & chocolatey". The name of this beer is partly a reference to Wilco, and their critically acclaimed 2002 album "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot". As a big Wilco and Lagunitas fan I hope this beer can be fully distributed and enjoyed without any legal hassle. Lagunitas has released several beers in a tribute to Frank Zappa (Reuben and the Jets,We're only in it for the Money , Freak Out, and a few others) Frank's widow, Gail was not at all happy about Lagunitas selling beer referencing her late husband. The Zappa series of beer from Lagunitas was put to a halt prematurely by Gail and her lawyers.

"Wilco Tango Foxtrot" should be available to purchase very soon. As of now it will only be sold in 22 oz bombers. The beer weighs in at 7.83% abv and approximately 64 IBU's. "Rich, smooth, dangerous and choclatey", sounds like a lyric written by Wilco Front-man, Jeff Tweedy. Lagunitas has once again combined two of my favorite things, beer and music. I am rooting for a Ween beer next, I would love to crack open a "Joppa Road" this summer. Just as Wilco has been making fantastic, innovative, and creative music , Lagunitas continues to brew and invent interesting and quality beer. The initials of the beer spell out WTF, brilliant.

complied from Lagunitas's official web page

click here if you want to read more about Lagunitas's legal battle with the Zappa trust

pictures from Fred Abercrombie's blog, click here

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ballast Point night and $1 Tacos at Dos Segundas on March 2nd

Tonight, Tuesday March 2nd Dos Segundos at 931 North 2nd Street in Philadelphia is having several beers Ballast Point on draft.

The popular Mexican bar, is located just north of Poplar street in the Northern Liberties part of the city has stellar food and a constantly changing rotating draft list. They are pouring "Big Eye", a very tasty west coast IPA which weighs in at a well hidden 7% abv and the "Black Marlin Porter", a wonderful and robust domestic interpretation of the dark style of beer first made popular in London. In addition to the two that were announced, I would not be surprised if some other goodies from Ballast Point are going to be poured throughout the night. If several great beers from Ballast Point isn't enough to get you down to Dos Segundos, they are also serving $1 tacos made with the "Black Marlin Porter." Food will be served until 1 am, and the beer will flow till the bar closes an hour later.

The event starts at 6pm. Dos Segundos always has a fantastic beer selection, good food, and a very friendly and helpful staff. I hope to see you there.