Thursday, March 11, 2010

Philly Beer Weekend this weekend (March 12th through 14th)

Its march, baseball is coming, the birds are chirping and you pray that you can find both of you're favorite sandals. Over the last few years this has also been the time of year for Philly Beer Week , an imperial week containing hundreds of beer related events, diners, gatherings, contests, speaking engagements and whatever else the organizers and breweries can cook up. Philadelphia Beer Week is not defunct, it has just been moved to June 4th through 13th.

The Organizers of the event have planned a fun filled Weekend to help fill that March Beer geekery void that many are currently facing. There are currently over 2 dozen events planned for this weekend. Some of the highlights include a lunch with Stone Brewing at Jose Pistola's on Friday March 12th at 11:30 am, A Dogfish Head night at The Belgian Cafe on March 12th at 7pm, a Scandinavian beer tasting at the Belgian Cafe Saturday the 14th at 4pm , a Founders Brewery Night at South Philly Tap room, and a series of "IPA's Greatest Hits " at sidecar starting Friday at 3pm.

Full a full listings of this weekends events check out Philly Beer Week's official web page, here.

I hope to see everyone out this weekend, let me know which events you can make it to.

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