Monday, March 15, 2010

Half Lambic , Half kombucha

Yes its true boys and girls, Lambrucha a a beer that is a blend of Lambic and Kombucha( a fermented tea beverage) now exists. Like lots of popular beers kombucha is often made with Brettanomyces (often refered to as Brett). The recent popularity of "sour" beers, fans of the quasi orphan style should be ready to embrace Lambrucha with open arms. Like guezes, lambics, brett. beers and all other "sour beers", kombucha is very tart.

Lambrucha is the brainchild of Beer Gods, Don Feinberg and Wendy Littlefield of Vanberg and Dewulf. Feingold and Littlefield were the first importers of Duvel, first slaking the US in 1982. After trying kombucha in 2008, Feinberg enlisted the help of some professionals to help create Lambrucha. Feinberg worked with a Belgian Lambic brewer, an engineer, and brewer of kombucha(also organic), the result being the groundbreaking Lambrucha. The beer is currently available in 750 ml bottles. Lambrucha pours a "fiercely bubbly, bone-dry, rose-color liquid that greets the palate with a burst of lemon, then softens into flowery, herbaceous notes as it goes down." (from Tasting Table Chicago). Fans of session beers will be very excited to hear that Lambrucha weighs in at 3.5% abv, perfect for your lunch break. Breweries are always pushing the limits, and blurring the lines of what is "beer" but Feingold and his crew have created something worthy of massive accolades.

Lambrucha was brewed last summer, and is currently available in Chicago with a nationwide release starting in may.

Click here to read more about kombucha, which is largely believed to be a very healthy drink.

From Tasting Table Chicago

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