Friday, January 13, 2012

Sun King Brewery: Front Runners in the Canned Pounder Revolution

Indianapolis's Sun King Brewery is far ahead of the curve. They currently can three of their beers in 16 0z cans! I have long been an advocate of canned beer. Aside from using less packaging than bottles, protecting the beer from light, and being easier to ship and store 16 oz cans also contain more beer than their sand derived glass friends.

I enjoyed immensely enjoyed all the beers I have sampled from Sun King. As pictured(left to right), Osiris Pale Ale, Sunlight Cream Ale, and Wee Mac Scottish Ale.

Osiris Pale Ale is a beer to appease hop enthusiasts. This dry hopped 5.6% ABV pale ale weighs in at 50 IBU's and is brewed with American Hops. Osiris is perfect for tailgating on a nice warm day. named Osiris one of their favorite pale ale's of 2011 and describes Osiris as "on the high end of the hop scale for pale ales and both are amazing."

Sun King's Sunlight Cream Ale is true to it's name. This easy drinking cream ale is a great session beer. This tasty low gravity beer is outfitted at 5.3% ABV and 20 IBU's. This all malt beer is finished with American hops and a cool fermentation and is accruing quite the loyal fan base. Sunlight Cream Ale was awarded the Silver Medal at the 2010 World Beer Cup in the Golden or Blonde Ale Category.

Sun King's third canned offering is perfect for colder weather. Fermented at a cooler temperature to mimic the Scottish Climate. This smooth and malty beer comes in at 5.3% ABV and 23 IBU's. Wee Mac pours a wonderful dark copper color and has rich hazlelnut notes and toffee undertones. Cans of Wee Mac conveniently fit in the pockets of your kilt.

Currently available only in Indiana, Sun King is making waves in the craft beer scene. recognized Sun King as one of innovative breweries of 2011. In addition to their 3 canned beers , Sun King has some draft only beers. Check out their webpage, visit them next time you are in Indianapolis and let them know you appreciate their hard work and quality libations. Hopefully an expansion is possible in the near future.

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