Tuesday, February 15, 2011

100 US Craft Breweries Now Involved in Canning

Our good friends at Craftcans.com now claims that 100 Craft breweries can or have announced plans at least one of their beers. 40 states are now involved in counting and currently produce over 250 different beers in cans and growing. Which brewery deserves accolades the this huge milestone? Battle Creek Michigan's Arcadia Brewing Company has acquired a canning line and will began canning later this spring. Arcadia will begin canning their summer favorite, Whitsun. Arcadia's decision to can their refreshing wheat beer will no doubt appease the thirst of beer fans everywhere.

Canned beer is privy to many advantages over bottled beer. Here are just a few of the many advantages of canning: Cans keeps all light out, require 75% less packaging than bottled beer, are more than twice likely to get recycled than glass. Modern cans no longer impart the "metal taste" into the beer. I am very excited for the influx of canned beer. You can defiantly fit more beer cans than bottles in a backpack.

Story compiled from: CraftCans.com

Picture from : Beer47.com

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